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Posted By: Backwoodsman
08-Nov-19 - 11:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: meritocracy dead in British Politics?
Subject: RE: BS: meritocracy dead in British Politics?
Funny, pfr, I never hated any of my teachers - even the one who pulled you out from behind your desk by twisting and pulling the short hairs just above your ear, and dragging you to the door by them, before shoving you through it and telling you to report to The Boss for a knackering.

The teachers I remember most fondly are the ones who were the strictest, and the freest with corporal punishment. And the one I remember most fondly, is the then-young PE teacher who kept a foot-long piece of garden-hose, with a piece of wood pushed into it as a handle, in his office, which he used to administer punishment to transgressors. From my leaving school, he and I became, at first, ‘good acquaintances’ who stopped and had a few words when we met around the town, and later, friends who met only occasionally but enjoyed a couple of pints in each others’ company when we did meet.

Very odd, but true.