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Posted By: Steve Shaw
08-Nov-19 - 05:14 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK General election December 12 2019
Subject: RE: BS: UK General election December 12 2019
I get sick of hearing from disaffected and militant ex-party members about what they think of their former leader. I don't want to know what some idiot who's been a Tory all his life thinks of Boris just now, thanks, or what a near-insane ex-Labour man thinks of Jezza (near-insane because no sentient being who has been Labour all his life could even remotely conceivably recommend voting for Johnson). These demented people make for colourful storylines but they merely inject a dose of shallow tabloid sensationalism, worse because the BBC, etc, legitimises them by the way they "adopt a serious approach." I'll make my own mind up from the mainstream campaigning about what I think of the party leaders, not from the bleatings of these idiotic self-marginalisers. You might have thought that the Beeb would learned from the fiasco of "giving an equal platform" to climate-change-denying frauds such as Nigel Lawson.