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Posted By: DMcG
08-Nov-19 - 02:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK General election December 12 2019
Subject: RE: BS: UK General election December 12 2019
I suppose I need to tie that last post more explicitly to the election. Ok, the cancellation of my wife's operation was explicitly put down to funding problems. I don't like it, of course, but we do recognise that the funding can't be unlimited, so we can tolerate some postponements as long as it is a small proportion of the operations. Last year there was a moratorium on all non-urgent operations, such as hip replacements, because of funding limitations. That is not acceptable. So we need to have increases in funding sufficient to prevent those. We are unlikely to have a repeat this year, but I suspect that is prevented more because the Government does not want that in the news during an election than because of anything else.

Then my nephew's operation. It hardly bears thinking about how much that would cost if we lived in the USA. Even with insurance, it might exceed a limit on cover. Promises that the NHS is not for sale do not impress me, because we have had lots of promises about lots of things that have not come into being. And any promise can be broken if there are financial issues, under the umbrella of 'taking hard decisions'. As a minimum I would want such guarantees to be written into laws so that Parliament would at least have to explicitly vote to overturn them. (And of course the NHS is not a single thing - it is possible to privatise aspects while claiming the NHS as a whole has not been sold.)