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Posted By: Raedwulf
07-Nov-19 - 02:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: meritocracy dead in British Politics?
Subject: RE: BS: meritocracy dead in British Politics?
Iain - this time, I wouldn't disagree with you, but that still doesn't make politics a meritocracy, does it? Politics is only a meritocracy in the same sense that every other walk of life is i.e. those that are good at it go further. Only the best footballers get Premier League wages, only the 'best' (spot the cynic! ;-) ) managers get to be FTSE 100 directors & CEO's, etc.

It may well be true that public schools, for many reasons, produce more 'leaders' in various spheres. But then again, I'm sure I don't need to explain to you how that is a statistic that, like the worm Ouroboros, can be made to eat its own tail! ;-)