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Posted By: Stanron
06-Nov-19 - 07:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: hearing loss, tinnitus
Subject: RE: BS: hearing loss, tinnitus
Slightly off topic but;

There are two extremes of ear 'design'. The unpleasantly called 'bat ears', where the ears stick out at 90 degrees from the head, and the ears that lie flat along the side of the head. I've not studied this in detail; but I imagine that there are lots of in between variants.

Most of today's social environments are very noisy. Amplified music leads to people having to shout in order to converse. I have ears that lie flat along the side of my head. In a noisy social environment I can hear people talking either side of me several feet away but I cannot hear a word said by the person sitting opposite me unless I turn my head to one side, and appear inattentive, or I cup my hands behind my ears and seem to mimic Mickey Mouse.

I'd be well prepared for a dangerous environment when hunting, which I've never wanted to do, but I hate casual social gatherings and have avoided them for decades.

'Bat ears' are the perfect tool for noisy social events but some people have surgery to correct the condition.

It's a funny old world.

I used to play electric guitar in loud bands and now suffer from tinnitus but luckily it's a mild condition.