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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
04-Nov-19 - 10:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: man's best friend
Subject: RE: BS: man's best friend
When individuals go out for a walk around here, they often carry a golf club or umbrella to chase off any stray that might approach, but it doesn't happen often. Loose dogs can be a menace to anyone walking dogs on a leash; they can charge my dogs and create quite a tangle, and I've given more than one charging stray a swift kick. But it doesn't happen often. It sounds, Steve, like you need some municipal or county legislative remedies to your problem - if rules don't exist, write them, regarding loose animals and picking up droppings. Enforce leash laws. Train people to train their dogs. And while you're working on it, put a few animal cruelty laws into place, they are probably needed.

I'm "pack leader" because, first and foremost, I control the food. When the dogs are fed their bowls are put on the floor and they wait until I tell them to eat before lunging forward. And with any of them, I can tell them to stop and they will, mid meal. I can pick up the bowl of food without a growl or a bite. This is part of Millan's training, and it carries forward, meaning that when you're out walking they have the same level of attention.

The new puppy was a typical hungry dog who would try to dive into any bowl of food, but after a few days began to understand what she was supposed to do, and within two weeks had mastered the routine. She's actually quite calm because she knows she'll get fed and she knows which bowl is hers.

There is no winning or losing this debate; there are a number of us putting up information as antidote to Steve's colossal dislike of our canine friends. Readers will have to choose for themselves whose truth to respond to.