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Posted By: Steve Shaw
04-Nov-19 - 09:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: man's best friend
Subject: RE: BS: man's best friend
I have no choice but to interact with others' dogs round here. Their owners commonly defy the bylaws and let them run free to hassle around my feet and jump up at me. Dog fights are frequent, usually one off the lead attacking one on its lead. We have a local nature reserve here in which dogs must be kept on leads in order to protect ground-nesting birds and wildlife in general. On one occasion I counted, on a hundred-yard stretch of path, eight loose dogs (with eight individual owners) off lead, some running wild in the vegetated areas, and not one dog on a lead. In fact, dogs on leads in that area are a rarity. There is shit everywhere. It's a menace to pedestrians, kids and the elderly on mobility scooters. If a dog-owner is confronted either for having a dog illegally out of control or for not picking up the shit, the response is routinely abusive. I live at the seaside and the local beaches all have dog restrictions in summer. You can go down there any summer's day and you will see the rules being flouted routinely. Owning a dog does not confer extra rights on you, believe it or not, but it does confer a whole heap of responsibilities towards other people who don't necessarily share your desire for canine "companionship." Maybe the arrogant owners who shirk these responsibilities are not the majority, but they are a bloody big minority at best and they don't half bring the rest of you into disrepute.

"It's the owners, not the dogs." Absolutely. No dog-hater drivel from me. Dog-owner-hater drivel mebbe!