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Posted By: Steve Shaw
03-Nov-19 - 07:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: man's best friend
Subject: RE: BS: man's best friend
Whataboutery doesn't cut it, Maggie. Dogs are filthy, disease-carrying parasites, and the production of their dog food contributes hugely to global warming. You'd rapidly agree if you lived in Bude. Dogshit everywhere, and the rule seems be that (a) leave it where it is if no-one sees your cur shitting, or (b) if people see your dog shitting you (disgustingly) pick it up (leaving, naturally, an unhealthy smear) in an extremely thin environmentally-unfriendly plastic bag. Then you either endure the rest of your walk toting a grotesquely scrotum-like warm bag o' turd or, more likely, you look around furtively, decide that no-one can see you and abandon your packaged obscenity by dangling it on the nearest tree. The trouble is that the majority of you appear to follow this pattern of behaviour. Naturally, dog-owners confronted with this deny everything and affect insult. The evidence on our grass verges and pavements confirms otherwise. None of this means that some of you aren't responsible citizens who do the right thing. But there aren't many of you. And another thing. Hardly any of you can actually control your dog when out and about. I pay my taxes and your dog doesn't. To me, that means that your dog has absolutely no right to shove its filthy, germ-laden nose into my crutch, with you standing by grinning, inanely trying to tell me that you dog "is only being friendly." Frankly, bugger off!

I still love you anyway...   :-)