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Posted By: Helen
02-Nov-19 - 07:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Question About Aging and Regret(s)
Subject: RE: BS: Question About Aging and Regret(s)
Hi meself, I've had some recent thoughts on this topic.

A couple of days ago I woke up realising I had been dreaming about someone I knew 40 years ago but then I kind of forgot about the dream, except that later that day I found myself thinking about another topic and had to backtrack through my stream of consciousness/line of thoughts to get back to the first thought that started the line of thoughts, and then I realised that it related to the time in my life that I had dreamed about that morning.

So my musings are:

1. dream subjects just seem to pop up out of nowhere but if I look more closely at the crazy plotlines and characters, quite often they will reveal something important, or even help me to solve a problem I have been dwelling on.

2. Maybe the aging and regrets thoughts just pop up in a similar way to relate to an issue we might not have consciously been aware of but which has been niggling in the background of our brains for some reason.


3. Maybe we have dreamed about that topic but woken up and consciously forgotten about the dream, but it has popped into our heads, seemingly unbidden, because our unconscious mind has something interesting to unravel.

I don't know. I'm just musing out loud, on the screen, as it were.

I've been reading some interesting books lately about the way our minds work, so that's probably why I have also been thinking about this thread.