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Posted By: Jim Carroll
31-Oct-19 - 08:06 PM
Thread Name: The current state of folk music in UK
Subject: RE: The current state of folk music in UK
"Obviously you are unaware of this and why should you be but I once lived about two miles from The Theatre Royal, Stratford."
So - I once worked with one of the founders of Theatre Workshop - for over twenty years
What's your point ?
Incidently _ I met both of Ewans wives - three if you count Peggy (who is still a friend)
I've told you what the technique was used for - I use it occasionally - I suggest you do
"You admit that it is second hand knowledge that you have from this side of the Irish Sea."
Did I say that - no - course I didn't
My forays into British clubs is nowhere near as frequent as they once where but every time we visit the UK we make a point of trying to vissit one or two
Impossible in some places as tere are none, but thee ones we have managed (partoicularly that in the home of the English Folk Song and Dance Society) haas confirmed the description of what many have defended here - folk clubs minus folk songs
I see seem to remember The Ballads and Blues was beginning to look like that when MacColl left

"I was just a bit astonished that you'd not give a monkeys about our libraries being cut by tories...???"
Of course I do - but it is not relevant to your excuse (sorry - argument)
I became a member of my local library at the age of 13 and remained one ti;; we left Britain, when I joined The Patrick Hillary Library (Miltown Malbay)
Not having a library would be like having part of my brain removed

I'm rather proud of teh fact that my merchant seaman grandfather helped start the forrst btanch of the seaman's branch of the Worker's Education Association
He later translated several of Shekespear's plays into fluent Scouse and was invited to talk on his interest to students at Stoke on Trent college of (something or other)

""The Voice of the People"?"
Humour or more piss-take I wonder