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Posted By: DMcG
29-Oct-19 - 02:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Since the 16/17 amendment has not been considered, this is a little academic. But of course there are degrees of adulthood - just look at the age of consent compared to the age where you can get a provisional licence to getting a full licence. Almost every society recognises there is a gradual transition to become a fully developed adult. The exceptions are those where there is some ceremony, often religious in nature, which define crossing from one stage to another.

As for only voting if you pay taxes, I can't think this is a fully developed idea, Nigel. Maybe a gut feel, but let's just take one real life example. My wife is too young to claim state pension, and has not drawn her pension from work, but retired some three years ago. Sounds like you would rule she has no vote. Then let's try a thought experiment. Two people on zero hour contracts earning very little. Jack is under the tax threshold, so no tax, but Jill paid 1 over the entire year, so you are happy for Jill to vote but not Jack? Or do you want to set a threshold - so you have to be rich enough to vote?   

And then why not more votes if you pay more taxes?   After all, the logic seems to be those who contribute taxes are the only ones with a vote, so more votes for more taxes just takes that a step further.

Sounds like you want to get back before the Great Reform Acts in some ways.