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Posted By: BSeed
30-Sep-98 - 11:37 PM
Thread Name: Modes?
Subject: RE: Modes?
Actually, Barbara, isn't A minor the relative of C major? I could play A minor tunes on a double reed C major harmonica, and it's the minor most used in songs in C. And there are A minor songs which use C as the only other chord--"Pastures of Plenty," "Ghost Riders in the Sky," etc. Also, as in C, the principal chords are composed of notes in the C scale, i.e., the white notes on a piano (A minor, D minor, E minor--but...and here you may be right...not E major or E 7th. Anyway, the way I learned it was in G the relative minor is E, in F it's D, in D it's B, in A it's F#, always three half notes below the tonic. --seed (and bless you even if you're wrong--or I am)