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Posted By: Helen
25-Sep-19 - 04:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: Question About Aging and Regret(s)
Subject: RE: BS: Question About Aging and Regret(s)
Slightly off topic but by sheer coincidence (or synchronicity) I watched a re-run of a real-life medical show on Oz TV this week about a young man who was experiencing vivid flashbacks of memory of an old event from his childhood. With each flashback he was getting more and more of the memories including visuals, smells, sounds etc.

The interesting thing was that he had a tumour in his brain which was in the region of memory and as the tumour grew it was putting more pressure on his brain in that area. When the tumour was removed he said that he had stopped having the flashbacks.

For me, the interesting thing is that a specific memory could be associated with a specific area of the brain. It makes me wonder how similar to a hard drive our brain is for storing memory. If a specific spot on the hard drive has been nibbled by a rat, then that bit of memory is corrupted. How similar is the memory storage in our brains?

But, back to the topic. I think, meself, that you are not alone. I think it is a common phenomenon to suddenly have an event from the past pop up in your head, and the older you get the more memories you have, so the more possible memories can pop up.

The memory which pops up might not be random. It might be triggered by a sight, a sound or a smell, or a similar situation. As an example, I dreamt a crazy dream last week and wondered where that came from, but I worked out that it was triggered by an item in my kitchen which was left behind in my back yard - at a different house - over 30 years ago by a would be robber. I had picked up that item with no thoughts about its origins but my subconscious dredged up a crazy invented story relating to that past event because I had randomly used the item earlier that day.

Humans are complicated beasts. That's what makes life interesting, I suppose.

Steve Shaw, very funny.