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Posted By: Barbara
30-Sep-98 - 10:29 PM
Thread Name: Modes?
Subject: RE: Modes?
John, in the first situation, in my experience, it's something you acquire an ear for. When you hear that descending run in Ragtime Annie, it's your clue that the tune is going to shift to D chords. It's called a modulation. After following the D chord pattern for a while the tune will shift back to the key of G in a way that uses the G chord of the D key as a turning point. After dinner, I'll get out my guitar and make sure I tell you this part right.
Scottish tunes are often modal. There is not much difference between either Dorian or Aeolian mode and a minor key.
A minor is the relative minor of G major. That is to say, they are related, and when the tune changes from one to the other that is where it goes. If you look at an Aminor tune, you will see it is written in the key of G major.
I find modes fascinating, but I suspect if you want to understand them you need a good book or a music theory class.
Did this answer enough to help, or did I just muddy the water?
Barbara I find