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Posted By: Jim Carroll
24-Sep-19 - 03:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
"Though I'm viscerally opposed to referendums,"
I think this is important Steve
An access to referenda has changed the face of Ireland for the better - they have done what politicians have refused to do, on, pregnancy termination and homosexuality have been most noticable; in both cases they have not only achieved what they set out to do but they have loosened the grip of the Church on Irish politics forever - not bad for a country in the grip of religious fear
I look forward to ones on the rights of women and on the church's ownership of the Irish education system
A referendum can be the nearest working people ever have to a say in their lives - if it is constructed and run and policed responsibly and not allowed to be used to replace democracy with populism, as Brexit has

I think Corbyn is boxing clever in, rather than campaigning to overturn what is deliberately passed off as a democratic exercise, he is playing it by ear
He has to keep all the different facions of the Labour party together if it is ever follow the Socialist dream again
He also has the same contradictory problem that any Socialist has in being asked to support an organisation of Capitalist States on the decline (think about how they manipulated Greek Politics)
The EU is the best on the table at the present time, but that won't remain the case forever
I'm happy to support Europe - 'as the rope supports the hanged man' - for the time being