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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
23-Sep-19 - 01:51 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019

Long time gone! Was at Beaver, back Saturday, catching up! No signal and no inclination while there.Wore myself out with a horrendous trip - truckers were bumper to bumper in two of three lanes, most of trip. Very unusual - maybe worst trip on 401 for me ever. No more Monday trips! I hope it was because it was Monday.

All well at Beaver and I got up Tuesday am and started a day of moving firewood and resting. Did well until 4 pm when the body said quit. It seems I used up the weeks energy as very little wood was moved and not much else done but it was a lovely week and I left on Sat with things fairly in order, including a tarp over the wood that still needs to be moved. Doubt there will be snow in the next few weeks, though November has seen it in the past. I hope to get back in a week or so and continue to store wood and enjoy the country and friends. Maybe even find enough energy to pot. Almost did this time and did do a bit of organizing in studio. A lot of weeding and a handful of blueberries left for me by birds!

No rain all week and came back to do some watering! One of my new plants was quite limp and I dumped a half bucket on it before running out of energy. A hose connection on front of house would be helpful but not likely to happen. Happily, it rained last night enough to perk things up.

Although I had fair success making muffins, I stopped at fav bakery - The Hidden Goldmine, in Madoc - for a pre-ordered dozen muffins and half dozen scones. (I was much less successful making scones!) So, what we have not already eaten is safely stowed in freezer. They freeze and warm beautifully. And I saved the bags for next trip, in that spot where I put "things to go to Beaver".

Trip back was just fine. I off-loaded and, eventually R came home - very tired - and we had planned overs for supper. And a scone for him!

Late morning and light bf on Sunday and off to country for R to photograph an antique machine and then meet with the architect of the Project. I now realize this is a long term Project! Serendipitously,he phoned as we reached the driveway of the country home. By the time we got into the house and met wife, daughter, her husband and son, it was proclaimed that we were staying for late lunch that was already in the making. Wonderful meal! Karina used the term, "in my country" a couple times. I asked; she is Armenian from Russia and the meal was unique, simple, eminently eatable, and I shall have to replicate a couple of the dishes. R remembers what was in them. Clearly, they were not expecting us but the country home is well equipped and they dipped into the freezer for meat. The rest must have been ready. The daughter, Marena, and I found much in common and were oblivious to the rest. R and V were talking business. The 8 year old was somewhere and his dad was doing yard work. All in their lovely Kitchen/sunroom on a lovely day. A most pleasant afternoon. I went to bed about 7:30!

So, the lovely rain spritzes sporadically. R has gone to work and I have been catching up on computer. Looked into de-humidifiers and found what I think we need - one available on kijiji, in Ottawa; will keep looking for one closer. Shocked that SRS has adopted yet another dog! WOW!! We are happy with our stuffy; a live dog would be overload. Understand the need we have to hold on to long term fav clothing. I even have a few left from before I was born. We let go of things when we are ready.

Now to go to library