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Posted By: Jim Carroll
19-Sep-19 - 08:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
"I was not trying to "prove" anything"
I didn't suggest you were - I asked what the link preves and as Iain's is obviously incapable of carrying out a conversation without vomiting abuse, I thought you might be able to help
Must say, I have never noticed you either supporting nor criticising Iains - I have suggested on numerous occasions that you and Stanron avoid many of these discussions because you might not wish to be associated with his behaviour - who's to blame you ?
I've also suggested that these threads might benefit from some articulate, intelligent responses from those who support the crazy rabbit hole Britain has fallen into
We are no nearer to getting that than we were at the beginning
For me, Brexit was launched on an immoral and totally undemocratic platform and the longer it has gone on the more immoral and the less democratic it has become
I have enough faith in humanity to believe that not all of those on the right support how Brexit was sold, the damage it has already done to our society, and the further damage it is almost set fair to continue to do
I came here in the hope of sharing agred and contrasting ideas with others - why are we not able to do it on the subject that is going to leave its mark on all out lives ?
Help me out - instead of providing links to meanless non-information, why not tell us what you think ?

For the record - even Boris Johnson's colleagues and supporters believe he deliberately lied about not knowing the press was at the hospital yesterday
on tonight's Questions Time - the lady from The Daily Telegraph said he lied - shouted it even, and the incredibly evasively dishonest legal lady refused to deny he had and spoke about everything other than the questions put to her
Guilt as charged Bozza
I fell deeper in love with Fiona tonight as she nodded vigorously when someone said Johnson couldn't be trusted - wonder if she's married !!

It was a relief that none of them sang as low as the bum wipe Press (and our own own equivalent here) in describing the father of the very ill three month old child as anything but - "the father of a very ill three month child"
Only the lowest scum and shitwaders would have described him as anything else - certainly not a "Labour activist"
Only scum-buckets of the lowest order would sink that low, wouldn't they!!
Jim Carroll