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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
14-Sep-19 - 07:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Stripping of Citizenship'??
Subject: RE: BS: 'Stripping of Citizenship'??
Me: (quoting Jim)You should be proud of what Britain has become Nigel - abandoning fighters against Assad while at the same time prepared to see refugees drown rather than let them pollute British soil
Boats patrolling the straits of Dover are regularly landing the migrants from boats (not necessarily 'refugees'). Do you have any evidence at all for your claim that we are letting these migrants drown rather than protecting them?

Jim's response:
It hasn't happened in Britain yet but as things are going, there is nothing to stop what happened a few yeas ago elsewhere, happening here regularly
Do you really want this to happen ?
As things stand at present the inhuman conditions refugees are condemned to when they attempt to get to Britain is a human rights disgrace that should not be allowed to happen
Itis is not solely Britain's fault but our government is as much a part of it as is any other

Briatain ghas been very much a part of this massive dislodgement of people from their homes - the choice we have gien them is stay at home and satarve, or be kild or tortured, or leave and endure the inhuman conditions we are imposing on them - a Hobson's Choice
It is the predatory and selfish nature of countries like ours that has caused this inhuman catastrophe - I am totally unable to understand how people can describe themselves as Christian (or even human) and stand by and let it happen (let alone vote for it, as they have)
Now we are allowing our government to punish those young people who attempted to stand up to one of the world's worst despots, by exiling them
Makes you proud to be British - eh what !!!

So, the short answer would be: "No, I have no evidence to back my claim!"