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Posted By: Rain Dog
11-Sep-19 - 06:11 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Jim Carroll posted on the 9.9.19 in answer to an earlier post of mine

""I personally think that if do have another referendum it will be close again and could go either way."
On what to you base this RD. and how on earth will that solve the problems Brexit has already caused and will continue to cause ?
Do you really believe that the British People are a bunch of lemmings ?
I don't believe they would be so suicidally stupid and if they are we deserve everything we get, but at least it would be a decision taken with some knowledge, which is what democracy entiles us all to"

Why do I think if we had another referendum again it would be close?

I live in the largest European Parliament constituency here in the UK. In the last election Brexit won 4 of the 10 seats with 36.1% of the vote, the Lib Dems were second with 3 seats, 25.7%.

In Kent, where I live, 9 areas they got mid to high 40s percent. 2 areas low 40s and 1 area 51.1 %. There were only 2 areas where they got under 40. Granted it was the usual low turnout but it is only those of us who turn out that get counted.

In the referendum here in Kent, with a turnout over 70%, the vote was near enough 2 to 1 in favour of leaving. Before the referendum I had little doubt that it would be close, going on talking with people locally.

Now when I talk to people about the mess that we are now in, I have yet to come across one leave voter who has changed their mind. I should add that unlike some of you here, I am able to talk in the pubs with leave voters. I always tell them that I voted to remain and have to admit that one or two have given me some strange looks but that was it. Admittedly I did get strange looks before the referendum.

Like I have said, there has always been a number of people who were opposed to us joining the EU and remaining in it. Both parties were split before we joined and also in the 1975 referendum.

Here in Kent, 100s of jobs were lost as a result of us being in the EU, especially after 1993 and the free movement of goods. One of the prime movers for this initiative was a certain Margaret Thatcher.

That is why I think it will be close again.

You and some of your friends here can say that all leave voters are stupid, Nazi, racist people. Some of them may well be but the majority are not.

The language that is used here at times is appalling. You are forever going on about Nazi dictatorships and saying that people should be beheaded. What the hell is that all about? If we met in a pub and you came out with that sort of talk, I would just walk away. You appear at times to display the same traits of the people you disagree with.

You are far too quick to label people racist. You yourself made a comment back on the 7th August which I found unbelievable and insulting to my parents, my cousins and all other Irish people. You should be ashamed of that.