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Posted By: Iains
07-Sep-19 - 04:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
The increasingly hysterical left.
From: Steve Shaw
Date: 05 Sep 19 - 05:41 PM
this inveterate seeker-of-attention. He's getting more and more silly, more infantile, more immature, more off-topic and more shrill, almost hysterical at times by now,

I look forward to seeing examples, are you taking a lead from sparky, or having a Prosecco moment?
It seems you deliberately, or are unable, to understand plain English. Is this in order to have a platform to justify continuous insults?

The reality is that I post facts and statistics with accompanying links that you are not able to refute.
You adopt the identical stance with Mr Guido Fawkes. Have any of you managed to refute any facts he posts?

You may think yourself clever having many posts of mine deleted but reality is not changed as a result.
For example yesterday I posted that Gina Millars/Major's court case was rejected. Manipulation by the darkside made it vanish. You all seem unable to think beyond the continuous false narrative fed to you by the Guardian. You even act as though your losing side won the referendum.
Is that a shining example of snowflake entitlement?

With the current turmoil in parliament deleting the above would seem bizarre. Rabid remainers are resorting to the courts to try to force parliament to acquiesce to their minority views.

17.4 million people have spoken, they are the majority.(irrefutable fact!)

In order to impose your minority views on the majority you seem quite oblivious to the fact that you destroy democracy. Parliament voted to give the decision to the people. Now they have reneged. Do you seriously think the majority will accept this?
Why else is corbyn scared to face the people? They will have their say
and the outcome may well be untidy.