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Posted By: Jim Carroll
06-Sep-19 - 11:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
"I get that you did not like the result but if you are saying that information was withheld before the referendum, I cannot agree with that."
It has become clear that no information was provided on what might happen before the referendum took place, but from the beginning the business community was warning that leaving Europe would destabilise the economy and would take up to twenty years to put right
While that information appeared in the specialist press, it was never made clear in the popular media and was certainly never discussed publicly
A prediction as important as this should heve been put clearly to the people from day one - it's accuracy became apparent when compainies immediately began to move out of Britain - Westland was among the first - it changed its name and suddenly became a European company'
Even leading Brexiteers like Rees Mogg and Dyson, put their money elsewhere - the latter had financed Brexit to the tune of 5 million

Brexit was slammed all round for having no plan beyond 'leaving' and 'controlling immigration' - that was a major cause for concern, even in the Tory Press - Britain decided to leave Europe the way a sulky teenager would leave home after a row with the parents

It transpires that (according to Gove) the 'Yaellowhammer Report was put together in the ealy days and the findings were so horrifying that they were locked away and only leaked a fw weeks ago - the Government were more concerned at them being made public that they were at the findings themselves.

This stupidly self-damaging decision was won largely on Farage's obscenely racist 'Foreign Hordes' poster and the historical racism towards Europeans - proven beyong any douby by a spike of 42% in racist incidents - even o the morning after the referendum, 'foreign-looking' people were being stopped in the street and asked when they were going back to where they came from.

The oly way to extract the British people would have been to ask them to confirm their decision now the likely outcome had become clearer - a bit late for that now - Britain's reputation internationally is shot forever and its future out of Europe lies solely on being able to crawl into the pocket of the moronic degenerate in The White House
Jim Carroll