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Posted By: Rain Dog
30-Aug-19 - 05:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Dave the Gnome posted " But, because the Cameron administration made the most monumental cock up in the history of politics, that is what we are stuck with."

On that I think we can nearly all agree. The idea that people might vote to leave would appear to have never entered his head. They certainly never gave any thought as to what they would do after people had voted to leave.

Dave the Gnome posted "The leave faction have demonstrated that they do not give a toss about democracy by supporting an unelected prime minister subverting parliamentary democracy for his own self gain."

Well unelected prime ministers are not exactly new. Callaghan/Major/Brown spring to mind. I have no doubt that the situation will arise again in the future. How much Boris is doing for himself and how much he is doing for his party remains to be seen. It is always difficult to work out what he is thinking.

A mess is what we have and I do not see any easy way out of it.

Jim Carroll posted "Now the facts of what is likely to happen have been made clear (according to Gove, they have always been available), it shows that the referendum was not conducted correctly - how could a people to be asked to vote with on the basis of suppressed information ?"

I do not agree with the "suppressed information" comment. At the time of the referendum the so called debate was virtually non existent. It just came down to you either wanted to stay or leave. There were very little facts available to help in that decision. No one knew on what basis we would leave and how that would affect us. 3 years later we still don't have any agreement with the EU so we don't know what will happen. We have to prepare for the worst case scenario but it is second guessing.

We might well leave the EU without a deal, to the delight of those that want to do that, but we will still have to make deals afterwards with the EU. That is a simple fact. It would have been nice if we could do that before we leave but..