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Posted By: DMcG
25-Aug-19 - 03:30 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Now we seems to be in this somewhat fictious 30 day period to find a solution to the border problem, I think the EU should find an opportunity to make clear what is needed for an effective solution. (I say 'somewhat fictitious' because it has been written into every position statement and the withdrawal agreement that the backstop is cancelled if a solution is found, however much some parts of the media claim the PM has made some kind of breakthrough.)

Any border, hard, soft or technological, needs to achieve two things:

1. It need to permit goods and people who meet some rules to pass.
2.        It needs to prevent goods and people who do not meet those rules from passing.

Everything I have heard so far, like 'trusted trader schemes'. is about the first of those. No solution can be accpetable unless it also meets the second requirement: how does it prevent someone who tries to dodge the system crossing the border?

So it seems to me pointing out that both parts are needed for a solution before the PM turns up with a shiny folder stuffed with proposals that do not address the second would go some way to preventing Boris' obvious pitch to the UK "we presented lots of workable solutions and the nasty EU rejected them out of hand."

Now, I can't persuade the EU to do so. But I cab make this two-part requirement explicit here so none of our Brexiteers can simply say Boris's line: the UK brought lots of workable proposals but the EU rejected them. If they do, I will ask them how the proposals address that second requirement.