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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
22-Aug-19 - 03:10 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019

Did a quick look at the posts for the last 8 days. Seemed longer! So many ideas and reminders! I went to Beaver for 5 days and the resident scale informed I have gained back the tediously lost 15 pounds. DARN! I went to four movies - a fest at a near-by lake that was incredibly fun. But the trip - all day on that Thurs, from here, and then a movie and 40 min home, then errands on Friday, then movie - again 40 min each way, and two on Sat plus going north to the Garlic Fest. I was plumb wore out and rested until it was time to drive back on Tuesday.

Well, I did manage to collect 3 more boxes of pottery and a table for this weekend's sale. Sat in the screen house all one aft and relaxed; it was cooler out there on the swamp's edge. And found a fellow to whom I owed for last winter's snow removal; I wanted to be sure he would do it this winter! And left money for the fellow who is bringing this year's fire wood. Remember: where I live it is OK to come home ans find a note on the K counter, and then say, "You know that box on the counter? I'll put the money in there in case I am not here." I do love this way of life.

So on Tuesday, Drove the 5 hours back to here. Not much else other than meal preps and minimal shopping. Again today; internet and no energy; lovely breezy day with all windows open so I have even skipped the usual opening and closing of windows and drapes.

Yesterday, I did go to the monthly lunch for our area group. I had instigated it being held at a nearby community oriented bistro. The org had added on musicians - Nancy White whom I have always avoided as I do not usually care for female voices. Well, Nancy White has a marvellous voice!!! And she played such a variety of music, from Joanie Mitchell to blues, jazz... And a local elec bass player accompanied her. The women enjoyed her tremendously! She may get more gigs and the bistro may get some repeat business. Don't we love when we manage something like this!

R worked the whole time I was away; not even time to put the futon back together so the TV/sewing room is still unusable for me; he has watched the news but that is all one can do after a ten hour work day.

I am flat broke as the month ends; but all the bills are paid. Hoping to sell some pottery this weekend at the Chateauguay Valley Antique Association event, A very fun event and R is definitely on board to help me get stuff there tomorrow! Geri will help on the weekend and packing up And I shall be exhausted next week. This could be the last time for this relatively easy event. Lots of local music - all day - mostly country.

And R will be going to the Sat auction (at the CVAA) BUT is making good noises about not buying too much this time!!! only minimal clutter has gotten into the house. The single guest room is ready (without wall pieces yet) and the double awaits the mattress; once again I am furious with Linen Chest as I was told it would arrive yesterday, when I received phone call that it would come on Sat. NO, we will not be here on Sat! Then, I was told Thurs. How do you argue with stupid? So, I am stuck with next Thurs. Was planning to go back to Beaver - well not on Thursday. Also waiting to hear if a friend who needs a bed for that weekend is actually going to take us up on it.

I have been concerned all summer that my son (and two grandsons) (PA) would surprise me but finally got him on phone yesterday; waiting weeks for passport renewal because ...????? It is supposed to take 2 weeks and it has been six. I can only wonder if it is his complexion. So there went the summer and no visit. The positive is that the van broke down and are we ever glad it did not happen on the way to Canada! My gentle, honest, Quakerly son (56) is not a terrorist! The world just gets crazier by the day, and in Canada also.

Oh, one movie was The Woman Who Loves Giraffes. Monumental Canadian documentary with Giraffes, and historic women's issues over the last 60 years. Ended with views of the Women's March on W as the credits rolled. I understand it is available on I Tunes.