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Posted By: Charmion
22-Aug-19 - 09:49 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019
I stopped accumulating maps when we bought a GPS for the car. Now we travel with a road atlas and the GPS -- the GPS to provide turn-by-turn guidance, and the road atlas for route-planning. In Canada, where we have relatively inexpensive phone service (relative to the cost of roaming charges in the States, that is), we dispense with the road atlas in favour of an iPad and Google Maps. We haven't been lost, or even late, in years, and we have almost stopped arguing about turns and directions.

Ditching the maps was a painful process. I am a map geek; I love maps. But two file boxes of maps dating back to Germany in 1978 is way too hoard-y for me; they went into the recycling box without a backward glance. Outdated road atlases are a bit more of a challenge, so I let them ripen for a couple of years before I set 'em loose.

Stilly, you mentioned your Food Saver yesterday -- how coincidental. I just bought one; I can't think why it took me so long. I look forward to a significant reduction in the amount of food-wrapping material we need to keep, and better freezer results.