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Posted By: Stanron
28-Jul-19 - 09:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Steve Shaw wrote: Your interpretation of democracy is a long way from mine
At last! Something we can agree with.

Steve Shaw wrote: This country enjoys Parliamentary democracy. The referendum should never have been called.
Do you realise that your sentence contradicts itself? The same for the next sentence.

Steve Shaw wrote: We were lied to by Nigel Farage, who provided a racist message about uncontrolled immigration by posing in front of a poster showing a queue of non-white refugees who had nothing to do with immigration into this country.
There were no more lies from leavers than there were from remainers.

Steve Shaw wrote: We were fearmongered to death by the remain campaign about a brexit future, the cheerleader of which was your shrill and greasy little man, Mr We're-all-in-it-together- austerity-man, the git who now edits the Evening Standard.
What's that all about?

Steve Shaw wrote: We were lied to about how easy it would be to forge dozens of new trade deals.
Difficult to prove or disprove as we are still part of the EU we are not yet able to complete any deals.

Steve Shaw wrote: The Irish border issue was de-emphasised during tbe campaign in a most dishonest way, and look where we are now with that.
The Irish border is a complete red herring. We are currently 100% compliant with all European law. On the day we leave we will be 100% compliant with all European law. There will be no need for border control until we change our laws and taxes and duties.

Steve Shaw wrote: 38% of the electorate voted leave. The leave vote was skewed by the votes of older people who will be unaffected by brexit.
How to lie with ststistics by a sore loser.

Steve Shaw wrote: We have another vote to choose a government every few years, a move that is regarded as the bastion of democracy. Every few years we are afforded that rethink. Yet you would deny the people of this country a rethink about what is arguably a far more critical and certainly a far more permanent sea change in this country's future. I'll tell you what, Stanron. You're no democrat. If you thought you'd definitely win a second vote you'd be all for it. You'd jump at it. But you're afraid that you wouldn't win, so you oppose it. For no other reason. You wouldn't recognise democracy if it jumped up and bit you on the family jewels. Get honest, why don't you.

Steve Shaw wrote: And I don't even bloody want another referendum. I don't want any bloody referendums.
I am happy to not have another.