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Posted By: Backwoodsman
28-Jul-19 - 08:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
From the superb musician and activist, Joe Solo, on FB today. His FB post permits ‘Sharing’ so I’m reproducing his piece here in good faith because I believe that, no matter which side of the Brexit argument anyone stands on, he raises a point which should be very important to everyone who believes in democracy...

”So this morning it's not police or trains, but back to Brexit.

Gove writes in the Sunday Times that the new government is now assuming a No Deal scenario and is working 24/7 to that end.

And in order to overcome the arithmetic against that in the House, they are prepared to suspend parliament.

Many on the Leave side will applaud that.

There will be weary Remain voters too who just want the damn thing done so we can all move on, who will grudgingly admit it seems a satisfactory means to an end as a one off solution to a one off problem.

Yet quite aside from the glaring irony of suspending UK democracy in order to facilitate the outcome of a democratic vote, once a government has suspended democracy for one reason, what is to stop them doing it for the next, and the next?

In a country divided, with parliament in stasis, with no clear numerical majority for seemingly anything at all, wouldn't it seem like a natural solution in the 'national interest' in such a time of crisis, when a 'dynamic response' is required to a 'rapidly changing situation'?

I'm using those phrases because so would they. Whether you believe a No Deal Brexit is the best outcome, or whether you believe it would be catastrophic, I don't care. We've read it all before. What I'm trying to say is that whatever you believe, the world post 31st October will throw up challenges unprecedented in our history, and a government as right wing as this one will seek to take advantage of the ensuing confusion to exploit that for their own ends. So if the resulting changes are not properly scrutinized by due process in parliament, because democracy is repeatedly suspended in order to 'get things done', what will we have become?

Because alarmist as that may sound, this is how it happens.

Proroguing parliament is a blueprint for dictatorship.”