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Posted By: Charmion
25-Jul-19 - 09:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: the roadkill thread
Subject: RE: BS: the roadkill thread
The roadkill of Perth County come in four dominant species: squashed squirrel, ex-skunk, wrecked raccoon, and putrid porcupine. I also occasionally see the tumbled remains of a dog-like creature who was probably once a coyote.

It always saddens me to see the dead skunks and porcupines, whose natural defences are so effective in the woods and absolutely no use at all once they emerge from the tree line. As for the raccoons, I believe that those who die on the road are probably doing their gene pool a favour. A creature capable of cracking the latched lid of compost bin specifically designed to keep him out should be smart enough to avoid motor vehicles.

Our brushy areas harbour plenty of deer, but I've never seen one in the ditch hereabouts. Perhaps our two-lane blacktop county roads keep the drivers sufficiently awake and aware to avoid them.