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Posted By: Iains
23-Jul-19 - 01:08 PM
Thread Name: Persians
Subject: RE: Persians
When I first arrived in Singapore in 1973 many of my immediate colleagues had previously worked in Iran. A school friend worked in Khorramshahr for Price Waterhouse for several years over the same timeframe.Back then under the Shah an expat lifestyle was reckoned to be superior to that in Singapore. For the politically active the reality was very different, savak was an organisation that would put the fear of God up anyone. (but political activism can cause trouble in any country if against the establishment, the UK not excluded)
Conversely Women were liberated under the Shah and miniskirts a common sight in the major cities. Two sentence soundbites can hardly do justice to such a complex subject. Mossadeq is regarded in a positive light, the Shah less so, and the reign of the Ayatollahs seems to have sent aspects of society back to the stone age. I see no point in arguing over minutae unless authoring a book on the subject. I stand by my broad brush depiction, tempered as it is by personally related anecdotes from the later years of the Shah.