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Posted By: Steve Shaw
23-Jul-19 - 06:35 AM
Thread Name: Persians
Subject: RE: Persians
The link given at 0559 directly contradicts the link provider's claim that "Once upon a time Persia had a democratic government," presumably the precise opposite of what he intended. Here's a little extract from the article in the link.

"The coup alienated liberals in Iran as well. Mossadegh is widely considered to be the closest thing Iran has ever had to a democratic leader. He openly championed democratic values and hoped to establish a democracy in Iran.The elected parliament selected him as prime minister, a position he used to reduce the power of the shah, thus bringing Iran closer in line with the political traditions that had developed in Europe. But any further democratic development was stymied on Aug. 19."

So never a democracy, and it most assuredly never was under the Shah.

I may not be a prolific provider of links but I least I read my sources to ensure that they don't contradict my point, still less pepper my response with insults.