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Posted By: Iains
09-Jul-19 - 12:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
A new poll by ComRes for the Telegraph today shows that in the event Boris is elected leader of the Conservative Party, the party leads Labour by seven points and would win a 40 seat majority in an election. Under Hunt, the two parties are projected to both be tied on 26% with Labour ahead on seats and the Brexit Party winning 23. Under Boris, the Brexit Party win 0…

We shall see! Recent polls have been flummoxed by the fickle finger of fate, when tested in the ballot box.

Meanwhile back to Labour and the travails of compo corbyn the cabbage patch king: Brought from the pen of truth GUIDO FAWKES
Lifelong Eurosceptic Jeremy Corbyn has finally relented to immense pressure within his party to throw his support fully behind a second referendum and Remaining in the EU. The writing was on the wall for his personal Brexit resistance after Len McCluskey folded last night. One final roll of the dice to try to save his own skin…

Labour say that the Shadow Cabinet has finally agreed on a “settled Brexit position” to:

    “challenge whoever emerges as the leader of the Conservative Party to have the confidence to put their deal to the people in a referendum, with remain on the ballot, in which Labour would campaign for remain.”

Whether this leads to any material change in Corbyn’s day-to-day approach to Brexit remains to be seen…

What they still haven’t clarified is what their policy would be if they actually ended up in Government trying to negotiate Brexit themselves. The Unions’ position is that Labour’s stance in that case would depend on the deal negotiated. Would be strange for them to negotiate a deal and then immediately campaign against it…

They are still the in out hokey cokey party,but increasingly driven by their union paymasters and thus have abandoned vast swathes of their electorate. I suspect come election time there will be carnage.
You could not make it up.