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Posted By: Steve Shaw
24-Jun-19 - 01:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cheesey reminiscences!
Subject: RE: BS: Cheesey reminiscences!
Well here are my favourites. I think Appleby's is the best Cheshire. Mrs Kirkham's is the best Lancashire. Morrison's sell an excellent Wensleydale under their "the best" label. I've researched all the much-vaunted cheddars such as Montgomery's, Gould's, Green's, Westcombe's, Keen's and Barber's, as well as Mrs Quicke's excellent range, but I think the best is Wookey Hole cave-aged. Buy it at M&S and it still has its washed rind. Superb. I find Stilton far too variable, often not creamy enough or unevenly veined or bitter or too salty, so I avoid it. Instead I seek out Stichelton, which is really Stilton but made with unpasteurised milk (not allowed under the Stilton name). It's made by one very careful and proud cheese maker and it's a masterpiece. Another superb blue is Bath Blue, but you have to hurry up and eat it it before it starts to darken. I'm a big fan of three triple-creme cheeses: Vallage from France, Montagnolo d'Affine from Germany and that ubiquitous masterpiece St Agur. A lot of bries are unreliable, often too salty or decidedly bitter or with that horrid chalky middle. Sharpham's brie, made in Devon, is lovely and rich when at its runny peak. The French Brie de Meaux is a grand, tangy example best eaten just before the rot sets in. There's a very nice English camembert made at Cricket St Thomas in Somerset. You might have to leave it out of the fridge for a few days to get it flowing, a not uncommon issue with camembert. I'd rather hack off the family jewels with a rusty machete than eat "mild cheddar" or Edam or anything pre-sliced or in triangles. A bit of philly on oatcakes makes a good lunch. And I have lots of ways of employing mozzarella and proper parmesan.