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Posted By: robomatic
15-Jun-19 - 08:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: electric cars, when....?
Subject: RE: BS: electric cars, when....?
Mr. Red.
I'm just saying that torque reaction is a different phenomenon from gyroscopic forces and dealing with them.
For instance in a 4 wheel car, you can (and do) notice torque reaction when accelerating. But I doubt that anyone other than possibly a formula one racer, is going to notice gyroscopic forces because vehicle weight is far above spinning mass of the wheels and tires. On a motorcycle particularly a racing motorcycle, I expect there will be a noticeable gyroscopic effect. Torque reaction direction will depend on whether the drive is a shaft, such as BMW, Moto-Guzzi and some Hondas, and a chain drive like almost anything else.

I remember seeing a tractor trailer with a heavy load trying to get into motion after a light turned green. As the driver let out the clutch you could see the left front tire rise up by inches, then pound the pavement, up down up down as the drive shaft contributed great torque from the engie to the drive differential.