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Posted By: Iains
13-Jun-19 - 12:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Disgraceful BBC
Subject: RE: BS: Disgraceful BBC
There is a discussion required for the future of BBC funding. The government is not blameless. Putting the onus of the cost of the free TV for over 75s on to the BBC is a sneaky trick to say the least.
Another argument is accusations of bias and can a publicly funded service be allowed to exhibit this. Also who can police it
Typically accusations are exemplified by below,
Whether the accusation stands or falls is immaterial, a publicly funded service needs to be pure as driven snow in this regard.
A further problem is the huge salaries commanded by certain persons and their publicly stated political leanings. Paying salaries publicly funded equalling in size their egos, while being subjected to their on-air political witterings is not something I an happy with.

In it's infancy the BBC was a unique electronic voice and public funding created a model emulated much later by the private sector.
The world has moved on and so should the BBC.
I would like the entire service privatised and the "luvvies" thrown to the wolves to sink or swim in the privatised waters. Make it reliant on subscription and/or advertising and make it compete. It is relying on past glories and cannot see how motheaten and dilapidated the entire edifice has become.