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Posted By: Mr Red
13-Jun-19 - 03:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: electric cars, when....?
Subject: RE: BS: electric cars, when....?
I'm a little confused, Mr. Red.

You habituate to it. Taking nuerologically: your system 1 just does it and doesn't trouble system 2.

If you accelerated hard at the apex you would notice it when the bike was new to you, because your system 1 had not habituated. And any new machine puts your system 2 on alert to reason what is happening.

FWIW the brain operates on two levels which psychologists refer to as System 1, the intuitive brain which runs on experience and System 2 is the much slower logical, reasoning part of the brain that collects and figures new experiences, unless system 1 has already dealt with the problem. And con men know this and prime peoples' system 1 with words and actions.

Torque reaction on front wheel drive cars can be easily felt on loose road surfaces, but I think that is caused by the joint that allows the drive wheels to point left & right (eg Universal Joint). It is the acceleration that does it, not constant speeds. Much like traveling at 100 miles an hour is not felt but accelerating or breaking is noticed.