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Posted By: michaelr
13-Jun-19 - 02:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: Books: Fantasy multi-book series authors
Subject: RE: BS: Books: Fantasy multi-book series authors
Keb, you don't have to listen - or respond - to me, but Tad Williams is among the best fantasy/SF writers on wheels these days. And he's got all sorts of flavors: The Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series is straight Tolkien-plus fantasy. The above-mentioned Otherland tetralogy concerns an AI world becoming too real for comfort. He also has single-volume tales: Tailchaser's Song stars a cat, and The War of the Flowers is about a social clash between long-established fairy dynasties.

A little more far out is the Shadowmarch series, where one can feel the writer stretching and coming into his own. Highly recommended.

Then there are the Bobby Dollar novels: The Dirty Streets of Heaven, Happy Hour in Hell, Sleeping Late on Judgement Day, which feature a low-level angel sent to California (and farther down) for record-keeping, who finds himself having to protect ladies and fight nasty demons. All written quite hilariously in a Chandler-type first-person noir style.

Tad Williams is an exceptional writer of 'real fiction with important issues being discussed.' Any of his books will reward the reader with intelligent, quality entertainment.