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Thread Name: BS: Books: Fantasy multi-book series authors
Subject: RE: BS: Books: Fantasy multi-book series authors
and Larry Niven Books In Order

Publication Order of Known Space Books

World of Ptavvs (1966)
A Gift from Earth (1968)   
Protector (1973)
The Patchwork Girl (1980)   

Publication Order of Ringworld Prequel Books

Fleet of Worlds (2007)   
Juggler of Worlds (2008)   
Destroyer of Worlds (2009)   
Betrayer of Worlds (2010)   

Publication Order of Ringworld Books

Ringworld (1970)   
The Ringworld Engineers (1980)   
The Ringworld Throne (1996)   
Ringworld's Children (2004)   
Fate of Worlds (2012)   

Publication Order of Heorot Books

The Legacy of Heorot (1987)   
Beowulf's Children (1995)   
Destiny's Road (1997)   

Publication Order of Moties Books

The Mote in God's Eye (1974)   
The Gripping Hand (1993)   

Publication Order of Golden Road Books

The Burning City (2000)   
Burning Tower (2005)   

Publication Order of Dream Park Books

Dream Park (1981)   
The Barsoom Project (1989)   
The California Voodoo Game (1992)
The Moon Maze Game (2011)   

Publication Order of The State Books

A World Out of Time (1976)   
The Integral Trees (1984)   
The Smoke Ring (1987)   

Publication Order of Bowl of Heaven Books

Bowl of Heaven (2012)   
Shipstar (2014)   

Publication Order of Stellar Guild Books

Red Tide (2014)   

Publication Order of Magic Goes Away Books

The Seascape Tattoo (2016)   

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Flying Sorcerers (1971)   
Inferno (1976)   
Lucifer's Hammer (1977)   
Oath of Fealty (1982)   
The Descent of Anansi (1982)   
Footfall (1985)
Fallen Angels (1991)   
Achilles' Choice (1991)   
Rainbow Mars (1999)
Saturn's Race (2001)
Building Harlequin's Moon (2005)   
Escape from Hell (2009)
The Goliath Stone (2013)   

Publication Order of Man-Kzin Anthologies

The Man-Kzin Wars (1988)   
Man-Kzin Wars II (1989)   
Man-Kzin Wars III (1990)   
Man-Kzin Wars IV (1991)   
Man-Kzin Wars V (1992)   
Man-Kzin Wars VI (1994)   
Man-Kzin Wars VII (1995)   
Man-Kzin Wars VIII: Choosing Names (1998)   
Man-Kzin Wars IX (2001)
Man-Kzin Wars X: The Wunder War (2003)   
Man-Kzin Wars XI (2005)   
Man-Kzin Wars XII (2008)   
Man-Kzin Wars XIII (2012)   
Man-Kzin Wars XIV (2013)