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Posted By: GeoffLawes
12-Jun-19 - 01:36 PM
Thread Name: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
Subject: RE: PermaThread: Free On-Line Trad Folk Performances
Thanks for your time and effort FreddyHeadey I have picked up your links and added them to the links given above in the Performer List-except for Hamish Henderson , for whom I have started a new (unfinished) entry given below here to try it out.


Hamish Henderson

55 Recordings on

1.Lang Johnnie More 2. 'Praeses' and 'primus' as titles in churches. 3. An incident during the Young Pretender's flight. 4. Scots Wha Hae 5. Fragment of a horseman's toast 'Corn mills and whisky stills...6. Questions and answers at Horseman's Word initiation ceremony... 7. The police called to a Horseman's Word initiation ceremony, 8. Horseman's Word must not be written down or told to any outs...9. Horseman's grace, said as a dialogue between reporter and co..10. The Woods of Blairmore 11. ran Mr MhicLeid 12. Gie The Lass Her Fairin/Brochan Lom 13. Lang Johnnie More 14. Lord Ronald 15. The Bonnie Hoose o' Airlie 16. The Rambling Beauty 17. Filte agus iomradh goirid air cuid den luchd-ciil aig cil... 18. Hamish Henderson looks back on previous cilidhs. 19. Hamish Henderson asks about songs from Rhynie, Lumsden and S..20.The Mains o Rhynie 21.Brief introductions of the singers for a cilidh: Annie Arno... 22. Sheila Stewart's song making. 23. Biodh an Deoch sa air Limh mo Rin 24. Song of the Gillie More 25 Unknown 26. Remarks on Jimmy MacBeath. 27. Introduction to Jeannie Robertson. 28. Tail Toddle 29. The Trooper and the Maid 30. The Trooper and the Maid 31. Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man 32. The Ould Orange Flute 33. The Baron o Brackley 34. The Banks of Sicily 35. Freedom Come-All-Ye 36. The Battle o Harlaw 37. A Spy for Hitler 38.[[missing key: Music]] icon Leaving Port Askaig 39. Paddy's Hogmanay 40. Prologue/First Elegy41. The Flyting o Life and Daith 42. The Haughs o Cromdale 43. Freedom Come-All-Ye 44. Blue Bonnets over The Border 45. Two Liddesdale anecdotes involving witty remarks. 46. The Corncrake 47. Tramps and Hawkers 48. Callieburn 49. The Dowie Dens o Yarrow 50. Barbary Allen 51.St Pancras Day 52. The D-Day Dodgers 53. The Internationale/The Red Flag 54. Rivonia 55. Horo My Nut Brown Maiden 56. Bing Avree Barra Gadgie 57. Jimmy Drummond 58. The Bonawe Highlanders 59. Padstow May Song 60. Freedom Come All Ye 61. Hamish Henderson reminisces about his involvement in the All..62. The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No 63. In to thir Dirk and Drublie Days 64. Rhynie 65. Reflections on the work of the School of Scottish Studies. 66. The Hawker's Lament 67. The Banks of Sicily 68. Rivonia 69. Freedom Come-All-Ye 70. The Shepherd's Daughter 71. O Teannaibh Dlth is Togaibh Fonn 72. Nan Tigeadh Tu Idir 73. The Overgate 74. The Bleacher Lassie o Kelvinhaugh 75. The Thatchers of Glenrea 76. The Fisher family and other figures of the Folksong Revival..77. Au prs de ma Blonde/Le Marseillaise 78. Background to 'John Maclean's March'; how Hamish Henderson m...79. A drinking anecdote 80. Folksong collectors; the Blythman and Ward homes as ceilidh...81. Translation of a poem by Heinrich Heine. Preceded by long in...82. Freedom Come-All-Ye 83. The Flood at Double Dykes 84 Uamh an ir 85. A story about a man with a screw instead of a navel.