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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
11-Jun-19 - 07:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: Disgraceful BBC
Subject: RE: BS: Disgraceful BBC
Nothing's for free, Mrrzy - we pay a lot more tax on stuff like petrol.
Our parents and grand parents, and those of us born in the 1940's paid directly between a third and a half of our incomes in tax to set up our welfare state.

I feel sad for some American mudcatters, who tell me that they have to decide which drugs their doctor has prescribed that they can afford.

Ideologically, its a great bome of contention as to which way is the best to preserve what the post war generation bequeathed us,

The old fashioned socialists like Corbyn believe we should be educating our own children to staff the National Health Service. However the Remainers in his party believe we should let search the byways of Europe and Asia for staff who would like to live in England, as even if we train our young people to be Doctors and Nurses - they will probably emigrate to countries that pay better wages for English speaking trained professionals.

The tory Leavers don't believe in the government spending that a better education/training policy would involve. So if Boris gets elected next week - he will probably be off for a week in Thailand nightclubs, signing trade deals to bring a troupe of ladyboy exotic dancers as
medical assistants.

So until then, we nitpick at the problem Both parties making sly budgetary cuts when they feel no ones looking. The tories being by far the worst naturally.