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11-Jun-19 - 03:14 AM
Thread Name: Nancy of London (John Faulkner version?)
Subject: RE: Nancy of London (John Faulkner version?)
Printed texts prove nothing Steve and never will until someone proves that there are no earlier versions - thought we'd established that a long time ago?
Hacks on the hunt for new material are far more likely to have taken and expanded for urban audiences, existing traditional songs, than impoverished non literate land-workers were to have purchased long, unsingable doggerel, taken it home to their ill-lit cottages and worked assiduously to turn it into the streamlined gems of the oral tradition

I made my mind up on that one a long time ago, when we recorded an illiterate traveller who described having taken his father's traditional songs into a Kerry printer, (next door to Limerick), recited them over the counter and had them turned into ballad sheets to sell at the local fairs and markets - common practice throughout rural Ireland right up to the mid 1950s
Virtually every town in Ireland has proved itself to have had home-grown song-makers churning out songs on every subject under the sun - maybe their counterparts in England were "too busy trying to feed their families" and had to pay someone to do it for them!

Once you accept the fact that rural working people were capable of having made our folk songs, it’s a simple step to arrive at the conclusion that they probably did – if you don’t accept that idea, I suppose you’re left with the ‘talented singing parrots’ theory   
Jim Carroll