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Posted By: robomatic
09-Jun-19 - 09:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: the roadkill thread
Subject: RE: BS: the roadkill thread
I remember the armadillos in the road from a motorcycle visit to Florida. It was quite a sight first time.
I saw a cat get splattered once. I was in the American west on a motorcycle at night. The cat was waiting for a chance to cross and rushed in after the vehicle two places ahead of me had passed, but it hadn't expected the close following vehicle just ahead of me. It was a sickening sight but the driving situation did not allow for stopping at that place and time.
I live on a long straight run in a suburb just out of a full urb. Most people in my immediate vicinity own animals and are responsible. I saw a couple of loose dogs last week and was able to get the phone number off the dog's talk and place a quick call to the owner. Who turned out to be someone I used to work with. H shot over in his pickup got his dog in the back of it and we had a good yarn. Turned out he'd been installing a new electric fence and his pooch, a fine looking lab, chose for a rare bout of freedom.
There are some feral animals out there but they are few, because we also have bears, wolves, coyotes, foxes, and it turns out there is also urban trapping, quite legal if conforming to the city ordinances.