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Posted By: robomatic
09-Jun-19 - 09:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: electric cars, when....?
Subject: RE: BS: electric cars, when....?
The only thing against the all electric for someone who wants to be 'seen out' is: it requires some adapting/ learning/ familiarization. Electric cars have a different feel, and are so quiet you might not know they're on. Since they are all automatic, one has to become accustomed to the digital interface which behaves differently than the old style. For instance, in the old days, a few years back the individual switched the headlights on or off. I've been driving a Chevy which automatically turns the lights on when it thinks they're needed. One can control the overall on or off by knowing where the master light switch is, otherwise the Chevy defaults to automatic. Now I've got a Toyota which has the manual 'on', manual 'off' AND automatic setting all on the same control stalk. When one gets their car serviced, the shop may not leave the controls the same way. All through the winter I saw cars driving with no headlights, and this is because the folks inside were depending on the automatic setting which was no longer set to automatic. Hope this makes sense.

Stanron, where do you think hydrogen fuel comes from? Most of the time it comes from natural gas which has been passed through a reformer. That means all that waste material in the non-hydrogen part of the gas still needs to be dealth with. You need to research why the world has not gone to fuel cells if they're as ready as you say. They are not. And if they're ready, they're not clean.

It IS a great time to be an engineer!