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Posted By: DMcG
06-Jun-19 - 02:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
It's been quite a long time now, and no comments on the idea that the NHS should be part of a trade deal with the NHS (and yes, I know Trump said two completely different things an hour apart. SO he could switch back to his original statement equally easily.)

Of course, the NHS is not a single thing: it would be possible to have say the mechanisms of NHS drug purchasing - which the US hate - part of the deal but not something else.

So imagine the US decides to play hard-ball. Their stance is (some aspects of the) NHS is part of the deal, or there is no deal at all.

Forget what any of the politicians say. What do our resident Brexiteers say?