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Posted By: Mr Red
05-Jun-19 - 03:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: electric cars, when....?
Subject: RE: BS: electric cars, when....?
No-one seems to be talking about electric lorries which is a much bigger problem.

Tesla have promised. But when? The beauty of trucks is that the batteries can be in the tractor but the larger ones in the trailer. Because trailers sit for periods being loaded/unloaded, they can be charged then.

Electric cars are the future because the infrastructure is mostly there everywhere and charging stations are easy to add. Hydrogen infrastructure isn't there and is harder to get started. The momentum is with electric and growing because the path is easy. And making hydrogen is power hungry, so no greener in reality. But battery life is an issue, financially and recycling wise.

Anyone thought about compressed air? Renault have a small car.

But nothing is safe in an accident. Petrol, hydrogen, 400V DC, compressed air. Power - clues in the name.

And my problemo is towing a very light caravan (250Kg ish) - small electric cars probably wouldn't be homologated for towing, not that I have investigated it.

To answer Big Al - there is suggestions that 80 is a wise threshold on when to hand in your licence, I know people who have. And you probably have had the letter from the DVLA and had to pay the opticians to verify your eyes.