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Posted By: gillymor
03-Jun-19 - 10:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hey brits
Subject: RE: BS: Hey brits
President Andrew Jackass is a festering pustule on the backside of humanity. If he'd been of draft age in 41-42 his daddy would have bought him as many exemptions as necessary to keep him in New York grabbing pussy and declaring bankruptcy while the Nazis were stepping on the throat of Europe and incinerating Jews, Gypsies and any other ethnic groups they considered unworthy of living. Further,if he'd been president during that era there would have been no D-Day as I'm sure he and Hitler would have gotten along swimmingly. He's not my president (he wasn't even democratically elected by any stretch of the imagination)and he's well-deserving of any disrespect and protests coming his way.
It's sad to see the U.K. taking the same sorry path as the U.S. and bowing to the powers of greed and hatred.