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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
31-May-19 - 07:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
That link is scary, DMcG. When even the brexit part are saying leaving will hurt the UK economy for 30 years we begin to see why no one on here has come up with any good news yet.
Assuming you mean the Lucy Harris link.
To paraphrase she says Brexit at any cost, and answering points being made by several persons:
Campbell then asked Harris to try and elaborate on her comment and it wouldn't exactly fill your heart with hope and prosperity, even if you were the most staunch of Brexiteers.
Well...I don't...I mean...are you looking for a number...or?
I think short term there will be an effect on the economy. Short-term yes.
How long is short term?
How long is short term? I don't know. The next 30 years?
I think short term there will be some effects on it
A flabbergasted Campbell seemed shocked that she would predict such an extensive length of time, who quickly figured out that things wouldn't start to get better until three years before his 90th birthday.
Harris replied again:
The price of democracy and the price of sovereignty is high. People have died for this.
The economics of this sometimes isn't as important as the principle of it.

Assuming she was giving her honest answers to the points being put, there is a distinct lack of any comment that there would be 30 years of negative effects. Clearly we have taken over 40 years becoming entangled with EU. Getting clear of that influence will also take time.

The transcript certainly reads as if the presenter is not being impartial, but siding with the two pro-EU activists Femi Oluwole and Madeleina Kay against the single pro-Brexit spokesman.

The Independent does make one comment (before the transcript starts) which appears even handed:
During an appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live, Lucy Harris a member of the Brexit Party who is running in the European Elections in Yorkshire and Humber claimed that we might not see any benefits for another 30 years.

That is quite different from predicting 30 years of doom & gloom, but clearly a paragraph (encapsulating what the quotes actually say) which will be ignored by Remainers.