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Posted By: robomatic
17-May-19 - 06:48 PM
Thread Name: Worst Movie ever
Subject: RE: Worst Movie ever
My memory which is all I'm going on for Liquid Sky is that it was put together by a Russian immigrant who was living rough maybe in New York? and on the edge of the culture she depicted. And she cobbled together the music (or musical effects) on her own using effects equipment of the time which was I'm pretty sure pre-digital. It's a movie you watch if you're studying movies or period pieces.

Another really horrible movie was "Bonfire of the Vanities"
. It was after a Tom Wolfe novel about money and class in the New York City of the 80s. The book was a period piece which I really liked. It was gritty and did not take prisoners among the various vying ethnicities depicted. The movie tried to be PC and included Tom Hanks, miscast, Melanie Griffith, miscast, Bruce Willis, miscast, and Morgan Freeman, miscast. It was directed by Brian DePalma, miscast. Whoever was responsible for the adaptation really screwed the pooch.

The movie was so bad it spawned another book about the movie "The Devil's Candy".

IF you're a movie person or a big fan of the actors, it is a worthwhile watch. If you're a Tom Wolfe fan, it's a movie to watch after a bad breakup while binge eating or coming down from a Game Of Thrones high.