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Posted By: robomatic
16-May-19 - 06:46 PM
Thread Name: Worst Movie ever
Subject: RE: Worst Movie ever
I enjoyed Liquid Sky, even though I am not a druggie. Saw it when it was in theaters. Don't think I'd see it again 'cause it was of its period, the 80s.

I'm most interested when I abhor a movie that gets plaudits from others. Really couldn't stand "The Shape of Water" which won in Hollywood last year. It was designed to be a 'brave' PC movie where the audience gets to feel superior to the characters. A major case of Presentism. But it was hackneyed and derivative with very good actors but very bad writing.
Also hated "The Favourite" which made no sense to me whatsover, again utilizing good actors but otherwise tiresome and unhistorical with no saving grace.
Also sorta hated the latest of the Mission Impossibles with not one but two nuclear bombs hidden in the same place. I was treated to this flick but will not be treated in the future because of the number of times I glanced at my watch during the showing.