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Posted By: Steve Shaw
16-May-19 - 06:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: If you don't like salads......
Subject: RE: BS: If you don't like salads......
Apropos of anchovies, I should like to make a wider point. The whole thing about ingredients, especially assertive ones such as chillies, garlic, anchovies and some herbs (rosemary being a bit of a bęte noire with me, and coriander with Mrs Steve), is that a skilled cook will always use them to enhance the flavour depth of a dish, never to make them the point of the thing. I'm the only person in my extended family that loves anchovy as a flavour, but they still all devour my Italian lamb stew, which would be a shadow of itself sans anchovies. But the last thing you would ever think about it is that it "tastes of anchovies." Same with my whore's spaghetti. My ragů bolognese contains a lot more garlic that most recipes call for but the garlic I put in is bashed with my fist and chucked in in big pieces, NEVER minced with a crusher (the worst kitchen tool ever invented), the result being a subtle and sweet addendum to the dish, never a massive bad-breath-for-days garlicky hit. For the same reason I will never use dried basil, as that inevitably produces a massively-unsubtle basil hit that is miles away from the real basil flavour. By the way, I use rosemary a lot, especially with roast lamb and with Mediterranean-style roast potatoes, and Mrs Steve cheerily devours lots of coriander in every curry we enjoy. So there you go, anchovy-haters!