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Posted By: DaveRo
15-May-19 - 10:34 AM
Thread Name: Tech: (And BS) Why app rather than website?
Subject: RE: Tech: (And BS) Why app rather than website?
Dave the Gnome wrote: Provided you are sure the network is secure with decent passwords and encryption
That may be true of the transfer of data between the app and the server. An app and the browser should use the same https mechanism. But they may not: I know what encryption standards Firefox requires (TLS versions, permitted ciphers, accepted root certificates). I don't know what, say, the Daily Mirror App uses. And it doesn't apply to the programming of the app itself. Again, I know what Firefox's Same Origin Policy is to guard agains XSS. I don't know what some random app does.

But malvertising is the major threat. If an app serves malware in its adverts, you may not be able to block it as you can in a browser where you can block tracking adverts, selected adverts, or all adverts.
Mrrzy wrote: Bbbut I read the Guardian on their site, article after serial article?
How - exactly? On its website (on this desktop), under 'Today's paper', there are two articles listed under 'Front page'. There are four in my Kindle Edition. UK News has 36, International has 14... I can read each in turn, or skip to the next. Is there some way of doing that on the website?